Web Hosting

First, what is web hosting?

Web-hosting is an Internet service that provides a means for businesses and individuals to post their websites on the Internet. Web hosts offer space on a server that their clients can use to connect to the Internet. There are several types of Web hosting that you may offer in order to make money online. Whether you choose to provide a basic Web hosting service or a more complex and diverse service depends on your knowledge and ability to make-money online from Web hosting. Some of the choices are:

* Free Web hosting service
* Shared Web hosting service
* Managed hosting service
* Home servers

Free Web Hosting Service
This service is free and is often supported through-advertisements posted onto the sites that are hosted. The options you can offer your clients are usually very limited to a basic web page with no frills. For beginners with little to no Web hosting experience, this may be a good way to start.

Shared Web Hosting Service
With shared Web hosting any number of websites, from a few to hundreds, are placed on the same server. All domains share the same server resources, such as RAM and CPU, which can limit the size of a site that can be hosted.

Managed Hosting Service
This enables the user to have his or her own server, but does not allow full access to the administrative-aspects of the site. The user cannot go into the management tools and change anything on the site. This allows the host to guarantee quality control of the server while leasing the server to the user.
With self-managed or unmanaged dedicated hosting, the user has full administrative access to his or her web site and is responsible for all the maintenance and security of the site. However, the user does not own the server-space the site is posted through.

Home Servers
In some cases, a Web host will operate a server from his or her own home, then offer Web hosting from a typical broadband connection. This type of hosting is generally the least reliable as the larger ISPs actively work to block these individual-servers from gaining Internet access.

One danger you must avoid if you intend to build a reputable Web hosting service is overselling. This is a situation where you have sold too much Web space and cannot sustain all your customers if everyone used the services to their full extent. While-uncommon, overselling can be detrimental to the point of completely sinking your Web hosting business. You also could gain a reputation for providing substandard and unreliable-features and services.

Web-hosting can be a legitimate and profitable method of making money online. The type of service you offer will depend on your knowledge and access to equipment and programs. You have the option to begin small and slowly expand your service offerings as you build your-knowledge base.