Make Money From Home

We all have seen the numerous "make 5k per week from home" ads on the side of the road and all over the internet. These are false 99.999999% of the time. There are however, several really good ways to earn money from home-without spending any to get started. We go over a few here. Hopefully these ideas will get your imagination growing.

#1 make money off craigslist and other classified sites We have all heard the term "buy low and sell high". This is a different approach. Craigslist is full of people looking to get rid of things in a hurry for cheap. Often times it is something that has a very small market. A bulldozer for example is not bought every day in your city, but a few are bought-every day nationwide. If you can find things cheap enough, and go get them quick before someone else does... You can often sell things for much higher than you paid. Some ideas are vending machines, boats, furniture, and electronics. You can used to search craigslist nationally. It is a really cool tool. So to recap. Buy things locally cheap that you can market nationally for more money. I will recommend a great marketing resource for craigslist at the end of this-article.

#2 Become an affiliate marketer You have most-likely heard this before. There are more ways than one to be an affiliate marketer however. For those of you who do not know what an affiliate is, it is when you market someone else's product or services, and they give you a cost per action. The action could be website traffic, sales leads, conversions, email submissions, or anything else. There are super affiliate who make millions a year doing this. To go to deep into this would be too much for a single article. I will provide a link to the industry best affiliate resource at the bottom of this article. What I want to talk about here is the offline-version of affiliate marketing. An example is something like lawn accounts. If you can market, you can make money. Higher some 16 year olds to go around and put out door-hangers, about your lawn service. Then find a lawn company that will pay you for those leads or give you a percentage of the monthly maintenance. In this economy, businesses will rarely turn down extra business. Get creative with this and think of ways you can reach people, and then figure out how to monetize it. Check the resources box for the best information available on affiliate-marketing.

#3 Become an online publisher Ok this king of goes-along with affiliate marketing, but I wanted to separate them. Did you know that you can do research and earn money from home? you can. All you have to do is right about anything and everything that you want to. Do you know a lot about horses? start a blog and write a few articles about horses on your blog. The better the info, the more people will find your blog. Since the topic is horses, find someone who sells horses, posters of horses, feed, showcases, or others in the industry who would want to advertise or affiliate with your blog. People will look at you as an expert and want to buy what you recommend. This ties in with affiliate-marketing. It doesn't just work with stuff you are an expert at. Think book report, and go research cool ideas and topics. Write about your findings, and people will listen. Just submit your articles to one of the many article directories such as ezines. I will provide you with a link at the bottom of this article to a great full length-resource if this route interests you.

#4 Become a broker and connect the dots One thing most-people are not good at are connecting the dots. If you don't mind spending some serious phone time. This might be for you. There are countless industries that cannot function without brokers. If you can connect the dots, you can make money. Logistics, or transportation is one. You can make an excellent living being a freight broker. You just have to spend a lot of time on the phone getting the clients. Commodities brokerage is also a possibility but there is a learning curve that takes a little-longer to get the hang of.

#5 Data processing and medical billing Two recent-additions to the work at home family are medical billing and data processing. There are many companies that need document input into databases as well as many other tasks. While this will not make you a millionaire, you can make some money. Medical billing on the other hand can be very lucrative. Since physicians are good at medicine and not bill collecting, and the complexity of collecting-receivables from insurance companies has created an entire industry of collection and medical billing. While you cannot simply start today, this is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to work from home.